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Birmingham Black Techies is for every Black person who’s been to a tech event & felt out of place. We’re here to answer your questions, share job resources, and bring visibility to Black people in tech. This is a supportive community, a place for you to meet other techies, have fun, and learn something tech-related along the way.


Whether you’re a coder, designer, vlogger, digital marketer, gamer, or the friend who knows about all the latest tech gear, this is the group for you. We welcome all levels of interest and experience. This is all about making connections, engaging with technology, talking tech, and learning about what’s going on in the Bham tech scene.

This is a community for Black people who are interested in using tech to grow their brand, have fun, as a side hustle, as a career, or just curious about what the tech space entails.

Am I a Techie?

Do you enjoy using technology??? Then yes, you are! There's no gatekeeping here. We welcome all levels of interest & experience.


Coders, Digital Artists, Vloggers, Designers, Product Owners, Data Scientist, Tech Support, Security Analysts, Freelancers, Podcasters, Videographers, Entrepreneurs, Gamers, Influencers you're all welcome!

Our Mission

Our Founder

"I want Black people to know that we have a place in tech, and I especially want Black women to see that we can dominate this field. I've loved using technology for as long as I can remember! I hope to empower people to embrace their inner techie."

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